Weddings are very special.
Our sons wedding
A fleeting, magical moment captured for ever.

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life. Everybody wants this special day to be to be kept in their hearts and their memories for ever,  but with all the excitement things can become a blur of emotion. We can capture your special day and help those memories last forever.

Weddings can take months or years of planning.
  • The special location, and Lesvos is very special.
  • The beautiful, special (and probably expensive) dress.
  • The reception location, food and entertainment.
  • The flowers and favours.
  • The honeymoon.
  • The photographs.
One Special day to share

Family and friends are part of the mixture. One of the most important parts, because a wedding is about sharing. Sharing your happiness, your hopes, your dreams and your solemn promise to each other with your family and friends.

The choice of photographer is often the last piece of the wedding to be put into place. That special location can be visited as often as you like.  The beautiful, special dress will possibly only ever be worn once. The reception with the fine food and entertainment will only last a short while. The flowers will soon wilt and the favours consumed. It is all these individual things that come together on your magical day to make memories. This is where the photographs suddenly become one of the most important decisions you will make.

Memories that last forever

The photograph on your wall. The photograph in your parents house. Your photographs are simply

 “Memories that last forever.”

Your choice of photographer is important if you want to keep those cherished memories alive forever.

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