Now that most people have a camera the traditional portrait has become less popular. This is a huge shame as the pictures of our parents that my wife and I cherish most were all taken professionally, and I am sure that this will not change in generations to come.Some of my Portraits

There is another side to a portrait that most people don’t consider. That is the fun and excitement of the sitting. Kids (mostly) love fooling around and our shoot for your little treasure (or treasures) is really fun. We play games, jump about and generally do silly things to help them relax. You get that ‘magic’ picture that will live forever.

Don’t think that adults can’t enjoy a photo shoot either. Many people hate having their photograph taken. Quote “the camera doesn’t like me!” I’m never sure what that means. The camera is an inanimate tool. Nothing more or anything less. What most people mean is “I am never relaxed when people photograph me and it shows.” Well, we can help you with that. Trust me, you are going to enjoy your photo shoot. If you don’t and the pictures are not to your liking…..wait for it….you don’t pay. There, has that relaxed you a little.

Our prices for prints are very competitive and we can work in the studio, at your home or on location. Go on – give yourself a treat and your loved ones something special.

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