What we do


Now that most people have a camera the traditional portrait has become less popular. This is a huge shame as the pictures of our parents that my wife and I cherish most were all taken professionally, and I am sure that this will not change in generations to come. Our prices are very competitive and we can work in the studio, at your home or on location. Go on – give your loved ones something special . read more…


Everybody wants this special day to be to be kept in their hearts and their memories.  Your wedding day should be the most memorable day of your life, but with all the excitement things can become a blur of emotion. We can capture your special day and help those memories last forever. read more…

Studio hire

We have 3 x 300 watt flash heads, a range of light modifiers and props. We can offer help and advice on lighting set-ups and even lend you a camera (if you have left yours at home). All of your pictures can be burned CD/DVD ready to take home.

Photography Workshops

We can offer a range of workshops, working in our studio or on location. These can be a simple guided tour of some of the most picturesque parts of the island to courses designed to help you get the most from your camera or something in between. Because the workshops are designed to meet your individual needs they are run on a one to one or small group basis. read more…


The dictionary says “boudoir, a lady’s bedroom or private sitting room”. For us, the emphasis is on lady. In all of the photographs we want you to look every inch a lady. We aim to produce soft feminine images that you will love. As the name suggests the photographs are of a more glamorous and sensual nature. You must be over 18 but as there is no age limit to looking great, there is no upper age limit to booking a boudoir session. As a special treat for yourself or a loved one (a special wedding present for your future husband perhaps), boudoir photographs provide a portrait with a real difference.  We can visit you in your home, so you can relax and enjoy the shoot in comfortable familiar surroundings or you can visit our studio.

If you want more information please give us a call. We are here to help you make something special.