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ELTA and the Aegean Regatta

I am really pleased to be able to tell you about the pack of postcards that ELTA (Hellenic Post Office) have produced to celebrate the 2013 Aegean Regatta.

Molyvos Harbour, Lesvos, GREECE

Our Home

Over 12 years ago we fell in love with the beautiful village of Molyvos (Mithymna) located on the north coast of the beautiful Greek island of Lesvos. The island is now the base for my photography and I hope that these pages give you some inspiration and just a small idea of why we decided …

2014 Calendar

Our Calendars

With beauty all around, Lesvos is paradise for the landscape photographer. Before we made it our home, we spent many happy summer holidays in Molyvos. During the winter months back in the UK, we would crave the relaxed atmosphere and scenic beauty of our ‘other home’. Every year we would buy a calendar to remind …